Koi Sojer "The Gifted Eye" Photographer

Koi Sojer "The Gifted Eye" Female Photographers career began capturing The Underground Hip-Hop Movement during the '90s in New York City. 

In 2009 she began working with photo agencies capturing Hollywood A-List Celebrities.

"The Gifted Eye" Photographer

Gordon Roger Alexander Buchanan Parks


As a child, I could always see a picture without a camera and Gordon Parks was my number one reason for wanting to be a photographer.  I was around five years old when I would see his photographs in my Grandmothers' LIFE magazine and this compelled me to also want to bring photographs to life just by looking at them. When I was a teen I joined the United States Army and was deployed to South Korea to help protect the DMZ from North Korea. This is where I purchased my first 35mm camera, a Richo KR-5. This allowed me to send photos back home to show my family my life in the US Army and what Korea looked like.  I love my camera and capturing my journey on film was my Gift from God and I made sure I never left home without it. I Thank God for my Gift Every day! (Rest In Paradise Gordon Parks)

Magic Johnson, Koi Sojer


After serving my country in the United States Army and playing in the European Women Basketball league I began my new career as a young self-taught photographer by utilizing my camera more. My twin sissy Toi Sojer aka Gramma Funk and I started promoting our now infamous Tuesday Night "Funk Hut" Parties back in 1991, which was held at The Big City Diner on 43rd Street and 11th Avenue in Money Makin Manhattan. This is where I would capture signed and unsigned artists along with Hip-Hop fans, Radio DJ's, Record Executives, Actors, Athletes, Movie Directors, Celebrities and The Funk Hutters. This was one of the best times ever because I was able to meet artists I didn't know as well as my friends in the industry every Tuesday night. I also started making photo collage boards that I  would display on the wall of everyone that attended. I did this every Tuesday from 1991-1997. Gramma's Tuesday Night "Funk Hut" Parties were held at a few locations after The Big City Diner like; The Baja Club, The Cooler, Tramps and Nell's Night Club but our infamous spot was Club ESSO which was located on 38th Street and 11th Avenue in Manhattan. So let my Herstorical  (History captured by Her) photos take you on my journey back to when Hip-Hop parties in the '90s in New York City where off Da Chain...So Enjoy

Samuel L. Jackson, Koi Sojer

Hip-Hop to Hollywood

After capturing The Underground World of Hip-Hop on film in New York City, I moved to Los Angeles in 2008 where I began capturing A-List Celebrities at Red Carpet Events, Movie Premieres, Sporting events and Private VIP Parties in Hollywood. That's when I knew it was time to purchase a digital camera so I could get my images to my agencies faster. I still own all of my Nikon 35mm SLR film cameras but now I own three Nikon digital DSLR and it makes shooting and editing these events so much easier. I had never done red carpet events in New York City like the ones here in Hollywood, but now with ten years under my belt, it has been a blast shooting these actors that I have only seen on TV or at the Movies. Hollywood has been good to me and my photographs will show the fun and hard work I have put into getting great shots from all the events I have had the opportunity to be a part of. Epic!!!