The Underground World Of Hip-Hop

Gramma's "FUNK HUT" Parties

Gramma Funk, NYC 1991

In 1991 Gramma Funk "The Funk Hostess Wit Da Mostess" Infamous Tuesday Night "Funk Hut" Parties were born and the creator was non other than my twin sissy Toi Sojer. This is were my career as a self taught photographer began. 

If You Don't Know...You Betta Ask Somebody!


Do It All. Tupac, Stretch, NYC 1994

 The Music Industry Parties in the '90's in New York City were always a blast and exciting because you never knew what to expect or who you were going to meet. Now these infamous parties have become an historical part of Hip-Hop's legacy.


LL Cool J, NYC 1993

Hip-Hop concerts were all the rave in the '90's because you got to witness some of the hottest artists on stage along with the newest music beginning played for the first time, which has become so much more popular in the main stream of Hip-Hop music today .

Kickin It Behind The Scenes

Run DMC, Jam Master Jay and Biggie, D.C. 1993

Going behind the scenes to a music video shoot, a music conventions or release parties that were private events, allowed me to capture intimate photographs.

Dedicated To Those We Lost

John Singleton, Issac Hayes, NYC 1998

I dedicated this page to those that shared their God Given Talents with the World and now reside in Heaven.

Copyright Infringement Photos

Aaliyah & Nas in Manhattan on location for a London Video Shoot in March of 1997.

These are my images that are being infringed upon. 

The Underground World of Hip-Hop

The Underground World of Hip-Hop

 The Underground World of Hip-Hop during the ’90s in the Big Apple we called New York City was alive and kicking. The fever for rapping and entertaining was so addicting that it was spreading across the five boroughs like wildfire. This Hip-Hop epidemic was like a disease without a cure and everybody wanted it. Folks from all walks of life and from around the globe had landed on the naked island in search of big hopes and dreams with that saying by Malcolm X “By "Any Means Necessary” driving them all to master their skills for greatness. Don’t get me wrong Hip-Hop has been around for almost fifty years but the ’90s had a new lease on life for all genders and races. The underground movement now had a turbo engine attached to it and it was moving full steam ahead. A true underground artist living in the Big Apple during the ’90s had to learn how to survive the bumps and bruises that the industry would through at them. With 8 million people living in the naked city we called New York, it was just a matter of time before you got discovered and moved up that showbiz latter. The Big Apple was a stage no matter where you came from. It could have been on a street corner, a subway station, on theater steps or at a park full of passersby.  Koi Sojer "The Gifted Eye" Female Photographer has captured some of the world’s most prominent Rappers, Singers, Spoken Word Artist, Dancers, DJ’s, VJ’s, Comedians, Actors, Athletes and Celebrity Entertainers that were apart of The Underground World of Hip-Hop in the '90s in New York City.    

DJ Breakout, Grand Wizard Theodore, Dot-A-Rock, Waterbed Kev, Master Rob, DJ Kool Herc
DJ Breakout, Grand Wizard Theodore, Dot-A-Rock, Waterbed Kev, Master Rob, DJ Kool Herc